List of English lessons

Formal grammar lessons

English is about clear communication, not technical perfection,
but grammar lessons are still important.


Subject: Student level: Lesson:
Introductory All levels What's my level in English?
Grammar (1a) A1-B1 The main tenses
Grammar (1b) A2-B2 What's that tense?
Grammar (1c) A1-B1 Present simple, present continuous
Grammar (1d) A1-B1 Past simple, past continuous
Grammar (1e) A1-B1 English irregular verbs
Grammar (1f) A1-B1 The future tenses
Grammar (1g) A2-B2 The present perfect tense
Grammar (1h) B1-B2 The present perfect continuous
Grammar (1i) A2-B2 The past perfect
Grammar (1j) A2-B2 The future perfect
Grammar (1k) B1-B2 The passive voice


Those are my lessons on verb tenses. I have many other lessons, equally good, on catenative verbs; modal verbs for ability, possibility, obligation and deduction; phrasal verbs; the subjunctive; adjectives and prepositions, adjectives and word order, adjectives and gradability; adverbs; articles; comparatives and superlatives; conditionals; direct and indirect English; nouns, countable and uncountable; negative questions; prefixes and suffixes; pronouns; questions, open and closed, direct and indirect; relative clauses; reported speech; and miscellaneous, including so, such, very; used to; who and whom, and many other small topics.

And those are just my grammar lessons. I have many more lessons on pronunciation, academic English, business English, presentation skills, telephone skills, false cognates, writing, fluency and so on.

However, I don't give all my work away free on the Internet; most those lessons are only for my students! Study with me.