Learning English during a pandemic

Skype and Zoom; study English online with Linguetic™

Teaching English online with Skype

In 2020, the year of Covid-19, you can't study with me in Scotland. Also, I can't come to you to deliver my usual courses.

For 2020, I have moved online to give lessons with Skype and Zoom.

Click here to see a 4-minute demonstration video on YouTube., and click here to see more about me.

I teach adults, and I teach young people aged 14-18.

I was a lawyer for 20-odd years, and now I teach all kinds of English: General English, business English, academic English and English literature, and I am developing the concept of environmental English.


Business English textbooks

For general English I often use Face2Face and New Cutting Edge.

For business English I often use In Company and Market Leader.

For IELTS I often use Step Up to IELTS and the Cambridge IELTS series.

I also use many other books, and I like to write my own teaching materials.

General English textbooks


Lessons can be at any time from 09:00 to 17:00 London time, and sometimes also from 18:30 to 20:00 London time. Weekend lessons are possible.

I teach people from CEFR B1 (Intermediate) to CEFR C1 (Advanced).
I can also teach people whose English is at CEFR A2 (Pre-Intermediate) level, but only if they speak good French.

(1) Please complete and return the Enquiry Form.

(2) We meet for 15 minutes on Skype to test our internet equipment and to see if you like my teaching style. You don't pay for this trial lesson.

(3) If you're happy with this trial lesson, you pay for 5 lessons. A lesson is usually 1 hour. You can pay by PayPal or bank transfer. My tariff is £27 (27 GBP) per hour for teaching.


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Thumbnail of enquiry form
Thumbnail of enquiry form




London time

To find the time in London, just do a Google search on "London time". Easy!

Shepherd gate clock at Greenwich Royal Observatory

Note: London time is not always the same as Greenwich Mean Time or GMT. In winter, they're the same. In summer, London time is GMT +1 hour. It's called British Summer Time or BST, and it lasts from the end of March to the end of October each year.
Midday (noon, 12:00) in any particular place is the time when the sun is highest ("at its zenith") at that place. The sun reaches its zenith earlier in the east and later in the west.
Until the 1840s, every town in Britain and the world had its own local time. Noon on the west coast of Britain was about 30 minutes later than noon in London. This was fine until the arrival of railways. To make the trains run on time, every town in Britain had to use the same time ... but not all towns wanted to. It was 1852 before Bristol agreed to use London time! Today, the world is divided into approximately 24 time zones. Britain is one hour later than France. The photo shows the Shepherd gate clock at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, London.



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